Questions About Delta Dental Smiles for Kids?

We've got answers.

Need to know more about Delta Dental Smiles for Kids?  Curious about a specific service? Have a question about your coverage? Find the answers below. Because if your child has Delta Dental Smiles for Kids, they should use it!

  • How do I choose Delta Dental for my child?
  • When does coverage begin?
  • Are Medicaid benefits changing?
  • Can I choose any dentist for my child?
  • Will Delta Dental make payments to the dentist? Or will I receive a bill?
  • Do I have to pay?
  • How do I get materials in another language?

How do I choose Delta Dental for my child?

At this time you do not have to do anything. DHS will assign your child to a dental plan on December 6, 2017. If your child was not assigned to Delta Dental, just follow the instructions in the letter to contact DHS and tell them you want to switch to Delta Dental. We are excited to serve your child!

When does coverage begin?

The new dental program begins January 1, 2018. Following January 1st your child's coverage begins as soon as the State of Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services tells Delta Dental they are enrolled with us. Medically necessary services provided after that will be covered.

Once your child is enrolled with Delta Dental, a temporary ID card will be mailed to your home. After a PCD is selected or assigned, an ID card with the PCD’s name and phone number will be mailed. 

Are Medicaid benefits changing?

Your child will receive similar dental benefits that they had through Arkansas Medicaid. Delta Dental is offering extra benefits to our members. This includes Silver Diamine Fluoride, cavities risk assessment, extra cleaning for pregnant woman and extra cleaning for periodontal disease. 

Can I choose any dentist for my child?

You will need to choose a Primary Care Dentist (PCD) for your child in the first 30 days after enrolling with Delta Dental. If you do not choose a dentist for your child, one will be assigned. The PCD will be your child’s regular dentist and will help them stay healthy and keep track of their dental needs. Your child can use any dentist in our network even if you have been assigned a dentist. It is most important that your child see a dentist and take care of their teeth.

Follow the link on this page to find a Delta Dental Smile for Kids dentist who you can choose as your child’s PCD.  When you call to schedule a visit, be sure to tell the office your child has Delta Dental Smiles. Call our customer service center at 1-866-864-2499 to change your child’s PCD or find out who their PCD is.

Does your child have special needs outside of regular dental care?  Your PCD can help make arrangements for more advanced care.

Will Delta Dental make payments to the dentist? Or will I receive a bill?

Delta Dental will make payments directly to Delta Dental Smiles for Kids dentists. You will not receive a bill from Delta Dental. 

Your Delta Dental Smiles for Kids dentist should only bill you for non-covered services that you agreed to pay for while in the office.  If you receive a bill and don’t know why, call us for help at 1-866-864-2499

Do I have to pay?

Delta Dental pays your child’s dentist for covered services.  You pay nothing for your child’s covered dental services as long as you see a Delta Dental Smiles for Kids dentist. Delta Dental may pay your dentist less than the amount he or she normally charges for a covered service.  In that case, the dentist cannot ask you to pay the rest of the bill.  Also, there may be times when you agree to services that are not covered by Delta Dental Smiles for Kids.  You will have to pay for those services.

ARKids B does sometimes have a co-pay.

How do I get materials in another language?

We offer materials in English, Spanish, Marshallese, Vietnamese, large-print, braille and items for visually impaired. You can also request other languages, if needed. Call our Customer Service Representatives from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 1-866-864-2499 to get your items in another language.

Also, at the bottom of this website you can click on Español to change the language of the site.

What should I do in case of a dental emergency?

You do not need approval for your child to receive emergency dental services. You have the right to use any dentist for emergency care. Do one of the following: 

  • Call 911 if you think your child’s life is in danger.
  • During normal business hours, call your child’s Primary Care Dentist office to find out how to get emergency services. If they are unable to help, call Delta Dental at 1-866-864-2499. We will help to find a dentist near you and get an appointment set up.
  • After regular office hours, call your child’s Primary Care Dentist’s after-hours line, if available.
  • If the dentist office does not have an after-hours line, call Delta Dental at 1-866-864-2499 and you will be connected to a healthcare professional.
  • Go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. 

What if my child's Delta Dental Smiles for Kids ID card gets lost or damaged?

If you lose your child’s ID card and need to get a replacement you can: 

  • Call us at 1-866-864-2499 as soon as you know the card is lost.
  • Log in to the Delta Dental Customer Toolkit and print a new card
  • Go to for 24/7 info. Click on “Login / Register” the first time you go to the website.